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William Meisel, PhD

Bill Meisel is an expert on computers interacting with humans using natural language, using text or speech. He offers consulting services in conversational interfaces, building digital assistants, and other areas of Artificial Intelligence. 

TMA Associates is Bill's business name. His main web site is now

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Dr. Meisel consults for companies that wish to use speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, or other aspects of Artificial Intelligence for commercial purposes.

Dr. Meisel is the organizer of the Conversational Interaction Conference in his role as Executive Director of the not-for-profit industry organization AVIOS

For more information on William Meisel and his publications or services, please go to

Bill's new Bots & Assistants web site ( describes concisely vendors that help companies design chatbots, digital assistants, virtual agents for applications such as customer service. The companies can be accessed by name or by category of service.


Virtual Conference and Demo Derby

November 9 & 10