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Back issues of Bill's Meisel's newsletters are available for research, e.g., market or patent research. The issues cover commercial applications of speech technology. Technologies covered are speech recognition (voice recognition, ASR, speech-to-text), text-to-speech synthesis, speaker identification, voice search, and more.

Published monthly since January 1993.

Speech Recognition Update

Published monthly from January 1993 - July 2006

Sample issue (November 2003)


Telephone Strategy News

Published monthly from February 2004 - July 2006 (both SRU and TSN were published for an overlapping period)

Sample issue (July 2004)


Speech Strategy News (merged the two previous newsletters)

Published monthly August 2006 – present (most recent issue dated August 2011)

Sample issue (November 2010)



Delivered as searchable PDF files.

Minimum order -- 12 issues.

$1,495 per 12 issues

Custom searches quoted with consulting fees. For use only by purchasing organization. Not authorized for resale.

Order may be placed by emailing with periods requested or calling Bill Meisel at (818)708-0962.